V65 Files, Articles & Downloads...

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V65 Magna Shop Manual (1983 - 1986)
This 42M zip file contains the PDF file of the V65 Service Manual which is SEARCHABLE! (Thanks Mike!)

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Motorcyclist Magazine V65 Article
PDF file of 1983 Motorcyclist magazine arcticle featuring the V65 Magna

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Motorcyclist Magazine V45 Article
PDF file of same 1983 Motorcyclist magazine, but this article is about the V45.

Cycle World Magazine - January 1983
"Stars of Honda 1983" with short write up of V65 Magna



Bad News Travels Fast

1983 Magazine Ad.



Cycle Magazine - March 1983
PDF file of March 1983 Cycle Magazine
"Honda V65 Magna - Meanest 1100 On The Block"



Cycle Guide Magazine - October 1983

"Speed Wars - The Power Elite"