About Me...

My name is Tom D'Acquisto and I'm a computer professional originally from Janesville, Wisconsin and have been living in California since 1985.

I bought my first motorcycle in 1980 when I was 17 from a guy named Brian Briggs who was a couple years older than me and worked at the local Pizza Hut. (Hi Brian!) It was a brown and gold 1975 Yamaha XS500. This was a great beginner bike and I was quickly hooked on motorcycling.

In 1982 and my younger Brother Mike and I had been dreaming of getting motorcycles. We had been talking forever about doing it and we knew a guy who had a brand new V45 Magna and just raved about it. Both of us read the motorcycle magazines and although I liked the Magna too, I REALLY liked the V45 Sabre.

We visited our local Honda dealer and I clearly remember the V45s sitting in the showroom and Mike and I sitting on them. He on the Magna and me on the Sabre. "Someday we'll own these beauties", we said to each other.

Sometime in the Summer of 1982, I decided to join the US Navy and I enlisted under the "delayed entry program", which meant I had 6 months before I was to report to boot camp.

This killed MY dream of buying a new motorcycle, but Mike bought the V45 Magna and we spent the summer and fall riding it all around Southern Wisconsin before I went into the Navy.

What a great bike this was... It featured a 45 cubic inch (750cc) 90 degree water cooled V4 engine with shaft drive and drop dead good looks. It was quite an advanced bike for 1982.

I went into Navy boot camp in San Diego and then did some electrical training at Great Lakes Naval Station in Northern Illinois. I still dreamed of getting my V45 Sabre and when I went home on weekends, I go visit the local Honda dealer and talk with the sales guy. My plan was to buy the bike as soon as my training was over and to ride it to my next assignment.

Shortly before electrical training was to end, I got my orders which said I was headed to Japan for 2 years to serve aboard the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier based in Yokosuka.

I made a last visit to the Honda dealer and told the sales guy about recieving my orders to go overseas. The dream of having a V45 temporarily was put on hold.

In 1985, my brother Mike was killed in a fire and my Parents wanted me to have his motorcycle, so I rode it from Wisconsin to San Diego where the Navy had transferred me after Mike's funeral.

Me on my trip to San Diego. Stopping in Las Vegas to visit my Gramma

In 1983, Honda had introduced the V65 Magna, a 1100cc version of the V45. It was hailed as the baddest thing on 2 wheels. A Navy buddy of mine had one and I rode it just once and was absolutely awestruck at the sheer power it had. I thought that someday I'd like to own one.

In 1987 I got out of the Navy and went to school for computers. While working at my first job, a co-worker had an 82 V45 Sabre that he was selling. I sold the Magna to a friend of mine and bought the Sabre. What a fantastic bike!! Still to this day, when I feel it was one of the best looking bikes Honda ever made.

Me and my V45 Sabre - 1989


I sold the Sabre shortly before I moved to the San Francisco bay area in 1990 and got wrapped up in my life and career and just totally forgot about motorcycling. It would be 17 years before I got back on a bike... The funny thing is that whenever I would get my drivers license renewed, I'd always renew my cycle license along with it, thinking that maybe somewhere down the road, I'd get another motorcycle.

Fast forward to 2002. My friend Ryan has a BMW R1200C Phoenix and when he finds out I used to have a motorcycle, he starts suggesting that I get back into it. I don't pay much attention, but after five years of talking about it, I decide to rent a motorcycle and we plan a trip to Yosemite.

I was a little nervous about being on a bike again, but Ryan let me ride his several times so I could get the hang of it again.

In the spring of 2007, I rented a BMW R1200GS and we headed off to Yosemite for a weekend of motorcycling fun.

Ryan and I at Yosemite - 2007

We had a great time tooling around Yosemite and after 17 years, I was once again bitten by the motorcycling bug. My thoughts quickly turned to that ride on my Navy buddy's V65 Magna.

My Grandmother passed away just before the Summer of 2007 and during my trip back to Wisconsin for her funeral, I re-connected with Mike Thompson, a childhood friend. Parked in his garage was a 1983 V65 Magna in Pearl Siren Blue with under 10K miles on the clock!

Mike Thompson's 83 V65

This fueled my desire to get a V65 Magna, so when I returned home, I began the search for my dream bike! I spent hours online reading and researching. I educated myself about the V65 and absorbed as much information as I could. I read stories about the oiling issues to the cams, overheating issues and what can be done to correct these design flaws.

During this process, I found many sites that contain a wealth of knowledge on Honda V4s. This site is not intended to add to that information, but to document my search, acquisition and overhaul of a bike. Please see the links section for a listing of sites related to Honda V4s.